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….your AED Expert On-Site™

Premedics provides complete AED services that simplify implementation and on-going maintenance of AED and Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) programs—keeping you READY to Save Lives™-- like no other company in the world.

We are your “AED Expert On-Site™,” handling all the details associated with successful AED and PAD programs.

At the heart of our program is AED Manager™, an intelligent, cloud-based system that ensures your program meets federal, state and local laws, and manufacturers' requirements. The system is the foundation for Premedics’ complete suite of services that includes consultative phase (qualify, quantify & roll-out plan), active implementation phase (coordination and delivery of on-site AED inspections & AHA training) and maintenance phase (on-going account manager support, eminder reports & ready-to-go AED service).

AED Manager™ provides medical prescriptions and oversight. It monitors and tracks AED use and notifies program coordinators when critical actions must be taken—like replacing defibrillator pads and batteries, updating training certifications and ensuring trained staff are always available to handle medical emergencies. Premedics’ Control Center provides additional follow up as necessary. AED Manager™ also issues monthly reports to each program site and a summary “READY Report™” to corporate headquarters.

You’ll rest easy, knowing your AED Expert On-Site™ is handling all the details and keeping you READY to Save Lives.

Premedics, established in 1998 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, is the original innovator of the AED Management Services industry, serving On-Site nationwide as an AED Service Provider with over 1,000,000 lives protected daily.  Weekly, Premedics’ clients use their AEDs and emergency oxygen to save lives.

We also provide Corporate AED Solutions for companies serious about implementing and managing AED “Best Practices” at each location. An AED, like a cell phone, is only as good as the service that supports it. Premedics provides a complete range of state-of-the-art services that help ensure companies are always READY to Save Lives—like no other company in the world.


  • Equipment: maintained
  • Staff: trained
  • Data Collection and Reports: up-to-date
  • Indemnification: ensured